Web Software Defined Receiver (WebSDR) at N8LI

More information about the WebSDR project ( by PA3FWM ) can be found on http://www.websdr.org.

Here is the hardware (18 December 2010) behind the WebSDR at N8LI:

40m receiver external hardware is one of the original SoftRock-40 recivers from AmQRP Club. Here is the picture of the receiver and the power supply:

WebSDR N8LI SoftRock-40

40m antenna is a dipole constructed using mobile antenna mounting hardware, a 40m Hamstick antenna and an Outbacker Perth multiband HF mobile antenna.

WebSDR N8LI Shortened 40m Dipole

Antenna, after a snow storm during January 2011.

WebSDR N8LI Shortened 40m Dipole after a snow storm

Salim    Sat Dec 18 13:12:07 EST 2010.