An HF Multi-Band Loop Antenna

These are the details of an HF Loop Antenna that I use.

I ( VU2LID / N8LI ) operate mainly on HF bands using QRP CW. It was extremely difficult to erect an antenna outside the house at my Rochester Hills, MI, USA location.

This antenna was installed inside my first floor (2nd floor for people from USA) apartment.

I have had QSOs with stations from North America, South America, Europe, ... with 5W using this antenna. It is easy to get a good match (using an antenna tuner - I use an AT-11MP tuner) on all the HF bands from 80m and up ...

Here is a diagram of the antenna (drawn by VU2RQ - Thanks Jam !). Multi-band Loop Antenna - Diagram

Radiation Patterns

Here are the Radiation Patterns (created using MMANA) from a model of the antenna placed 20m above an ideal ground.

<LoopAntenna Geometry>

Interesting Contacts

Here are some contacts that I had using this antenna (Callsign - Report Sent/Report Received - Band - Location/Notes). These where all made during casual DX operation (ie. not contest QSOs). All the contacts were made using 5W or less output power on CW. A variety of rigs were used - Index Laboratories QRP+, W8DIZ MP+ and FlexRadio SDR-1000:

More details later !

Salim    Thu Aug 25 20:50:18 2005.